Questionnaire on impact of COVID-19 on local food systems

Questionnaire on impact of COVID-19 on local food systems

Dear colleagues,
The Cork Food Policy Council is collaborating with the Let’s Food Cities project, a European collaboration to encourage city to city cooperation for sustainable food systems.  As part of this collaboration, a questionnaire has been launched to explore the impact COVID-19 has had on the food systems across a number of  European cities, including Cork. We want to identify what adaptation measures are being taken, and what are the perspectives from different agencies, organisations, and community groups for the after-crisis. 

Our aim is to make this questionnaire widely available and to collect as much information as possible in relation to the COVID-19 food response in Cork City and County. Further, we would like to identify the challenges and opportunities which have emerged. In this regard, we would ask you to consider completing the questionnaire at the link below.  We would encourage you to pass this link to other agencies/community groups/individuals who have a role in the Cork food system and those involved with the COVID-19 food response in Cork.

The information provided in this questionnaire will be a valuable resource to help the Cork Food Policy Council to develop a Food Strategy for Cork.  A strategy which will support the local food economy, emphasise the importance of the local agriculture, farmer’s markets, community gardens and allotments in transitioning towards a local resilient and sustainable food system.  
Please complete the questionnaire at the following link, it should only take a few minutes of your valuable time:
Thank you for your support,
With kind regards,
Dr Janas HarringtonChair of the Cork Food Policy Council,on behalf of the Cork Food Policy Council Steering Group.      

Dr Janas Harrington|Senior Lecturer|Director BSc Public Health Sciences|School of Public Health | University College Cork|Tel: +353 21 4205504|email:

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