Welcome to the Cork Food Policy Council

The Cork Food Policy Council has been formed to work towards the achievement of a fairer, healthier, more secure and sustainable food system within the City and throughout the region. We pride ourselves that Cork is the food capital of Ireland. However:

  • Increasing numbers of families across Cork are finding it difficult to put good nourishing food on the table.
  • Eating cheaply might explain why our waistlines are expanding – and is likely to result in health problems later.
  • We are importing more and more of our food leaving us exposed to rising prices.
  • We are increasingly disconnected from producers in the region.

Meeting the Global Challenge

We are facing global ecological and food security challenges, but:

  • Rising global demand for food accompanied by dietary change places more pressure on agricultural production.
  • Climate change is already reducing agricultural yields.
  • Freshwater supplies are under considerable pressure everywhere.
  • As oil prices remain high, increasing areas of land are now used to grow bio fuels rather than food.

To read what the CFPC has accomplished in the past year visit our reports page.



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Next Event

  • 12/05/2015 12.30pm
    until 12/05/2015 1.30pm
  • Bridewell Garda Station & corner of Kryl’s Quay
  • On Tuesday 12th May 2015, 20 people will sit down to a delicious & colourful brunch on Coal Quay Plaza, Cork City. Organised by Cork Food Policy Council in partnership with Cork City & County Councils, the 12.30pm lunchtime feast will happen near the Bridewell Garda Station & corner of Kryl’s Quay, looking onto the iconic Shandon Bells. It will truly be a flash feast, as the Mayor of Cork, invited guests, trestle tables, bunting and a colourful spread of delicious food will suddenly appear. Some lucky passers-by will also get the chance to dine in style.